Where are you in your craft?

One of my favorite Christian authors emailed me in reference to my upcoming book submission and asked me this question, yesterday, at 2:33 pm…  she is famous.  She is wise and poetic.  The email said “HI!” and this was the question inside, “where are you in your craft?”  Yesterday was one of the longest and most stressful days in my life. I felt I should answer her truthfully.  My response: In my pajamas eating Nutella.  Love, Jami

About jamiamerine

I am a wife, mom, & seeker of joy! I love to share funny and inspirational tales with my fellow moms. I fully believe that God intended laughter to be a form of rest and worship. I have a few kids. I have a few years on me. I have a great husband. And I love to laugh. I studied home economics in college, I can cook just about anything, but do not ask me to sew. In my graduate work I studied education and human development, I consider my life continuing education, my children are my ongoing thesis. If they survive that, I will let you know! I write non-fiction for laughter, respite, and inspiration. I also am in the process of submitting my first fiction mystery and have two more in the works! Mom life is hard work. My prayer for my readers is that, even if it you just have five minutes, you can be inspired and encouraged today. Keep it short and sweet... rest in Jesus girlfriend.
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One Response to Where are you in your craft?

  1. Dad says:

    Crazy girl.

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