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Great Lies I Tell My Children…

And I have a new batch of babies. And I can’t decide if I am lying too much, or not enough, and I am questioning lies of old. Continue reading

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Confessions of a Potential Child Abuser

I recently saw one of those Facebook memes, CLICK LIKE if you hate child abuse.  SHARE to STOP child abuse. I did nothing. Our foster-to-adopt journey has been the scariest, saddest, most joyful, rollercoaster of my life.  I have learned … Continue reading

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The art of being Jami 

Make a mental note: During our foster care home visit yesterday the vandals attempted to ride their tricycles down the staircase.  Granted, in a lot of ways this was a Godsend. I was fully cognizant of their scheme whereas – … Continue reading

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31 Days of Stuff I Wish You’d Quit Saying: Day 21 “But You Have it So Together!”

The only good that comes from me is because of the Good, Perfect, Whole ONE who lives inside of me. The only way I can look at my family, friends and others with grace, compassion and hope is because of the One who looks upon me with an everlasting grace, compassion and hope. Continue reading

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31 Days of Stuff I Wish You’d Stop Saying: Day 14 and 15 “You have a WHITE foster baby?”

“You have a WHITE foster baby?” Yes.  I have heard this more than once. Yes.  I have several friends who have heard the same thing. As a matter of fact, I know a mom whose pastor said this to her. … Continue reading

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