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And Then a Riot Broke Out in Target!

I was dropping Sophie (our 13-year-old) at piano lessons, and one of the toddlers said, “bye-bye Bobbie! I wub you. Dank du!” Another toddler responded, “No! Bebe, you using da wrong WORBS! It’s bye-bye GOGIE! And you don’t say dank you to her. She didn’t gib you nuffin’…”

The wrong words.

I had 126 messages this morning when I woke up. An Open Letter to My Children has gone out into the cyber world and had itself a heck of a run. This morning it had been viewed 500,000 times on Word Press. It was republished on For Every Mom and has been shared over 7,000 times on that site. And while some of you may think that is a crying shame let me use my words to say a few things. Continue reading

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See Jane pray to doG Part 2

The season of #2 pencils and “fill in the bubble” is short. The heart that holds the treasure of Jesus Christ is for eternity. Be encouraged and not discouraged. Your child is a perfectly wonderful creation in Christ. He knew what He was doing. He doesn’t make mistakes. Continue reading

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