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Allow me to teach you a thing or two. It is at this point you will want to run screaming from this post. Fine. You asked for it. When our oldest daughter, Mary Margaret, code name Maggie, was about 3 … Continue reading

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A journey of a thousand miles begins with cranberry jello… 

I left home with the vandals 12 days ago. My mission was to get our son from the airport, on break for Thanksgiving from military school. We would all be together on Lake Conroe. My first gluten free Thanksgiving complete … Continue reading

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Great Lies I Tell My Children…

And I have a new batch of babies. And I can’t decide if I am lying too much, or not enough, and I am questioning lies of old. Continue reading

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Confessions of a Potential Child Abuser

I recently saw one of those Facebook memes, CLICK LIKE if you hate child abuse.  SHARE to STOP child abuse. I did nothing. Our foster-to-adopt journey has been the scariest, saddest, most joyful, rollercoaster of my life.  I have learned … Continue reading

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You’re welcome, sweetie…

Last night was an ongoing vandal nightmare. Singular vandal.  Just Sam. My hands are still shaking.  After several days at my parents’ lakehouse, he is what some would excuse as, “over-tired.” If that is what I am feeling, he is … Continue reading

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