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Great Lies I Tell My Children…

And I have a new batch of babies. And I can’t decide if I am lying too much, or not enough, and I am questioning lies of old. Continue reading

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31 Things I Wish You’d Quit Saying: Day 24 “God Told Me…”

Recently at a convention an “eclectic” woman approached me.  She said that she was meeting with a publisher shortly and that God told her that I would listen to her speculative fiction pitch. I am certain the Lord did tell … Continue reading

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#31 Days of Stuff I Wish You’d Stop Saying: Day 22 “I am praying for you really hard.”

Somewhere in the mess of Americanized Jesus, Facebook, Neosporin, and Buicks… I will be different, better, and more in tune with the genuine brokenness of this world. Continue reading

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Day 16: My baby is dead, please don’t say…

Guest Blog by Shelly D. Templin   Words of wisdom from a grieving mother? Um, when you are a grieving mother, wisdom seems elusive.  You aren’t really concerned about being wise.  You are just trying to breathe through the pain. … Continue reading

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Death by Cake

I reached for my phone on the nightstand.  Where was I?  What was going on?  I tried to read the time on my phone, but my eyes weren’t cooperating.  Straining, I was able to make out 3:01 am.  I coughed. … Continue reading

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