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An open letter to my children; you’re not that great. 

You’re funny. And talented. But as I sit in this dance recital I am holding a foster baby that is in our home for the weekend and I am witnessing an American atrocity that I want you to remember.

And it is not a drug addicted baby. Continue reading

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When did “natural childbirth” start involving inflatable wading pools?

I am old. This is what the new batch of our babies have to look forward to. They have an old mom. And she’s way behind the times. They will to go school with kids that were birthed into swimming pools… In their living rooms! Am I new? I am just hearing about this. I saw the Duggars doing “natural” deliveries in a bath tub.. Continue reading

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Does anyone ask: Are you JUST a dad???

“Excuse me?” I ask. “Are you just a mom?  Or do you work outside the home?”  The stranger inquired. “Um.” I truly wish I was more confrontational at this point.  I manage to spatter out, “I am just a mom….” … Continue reading

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See Jane pray to doG Part 2

The season of #2 pencils and “fill in the bubble” is short. The heart that holds the treasure of Jesus Christ is for eternity. Be encouraged and not discouraged. Your child is a perfectly wonderful creation in Christ. He knew what He was doing. He doesn’t make mistakes. Continue reading

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How I Made One Million Dollars 

It is this simple. The key to success is this…. Continue reading

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