TOP TEN MOST Popular Posts!

Hi!  I am posting my most read blogs on this page!  In celebration of passing 1,600,000 site views!  Thank you so much for all the reads and comments.  Even the ugly ones have taught me so much!  I can’t stop smiling!  God bless you each!  May your floors be sticky and your calling ordained!!!!  Love, Jami

An Open Letter to My children… You’re not that great

My Kid is a Jerk, But I am a Good Mom…

Then a Riot Broke Out in Target…

The Vomit Blog…

Fresh Hate and Jesus Fish

Your Sister in Christ, A. Butthead

Praying for you really hard….

A Day in the Life… the Whole Truth

Something Wicked…

Natural childbirth and inflatable pools…

top 10

2 Responses to TOP TEN MOST Popular Posts!

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