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I live with crazy people….

Exciting night here.  3:45 am Sam woke me because he was scared of noises… Long story short the police just left, there had been someone in the backyard trying to get in the house. In the chaos I go upstairs … Continue reading

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Funny Friday – The pot calling the kettle…

Luke: where did Sophie go? John: I don’t know … But what is up with her?  She’s all dark, depressed,  and sad.   Luke:  She’s all up in her teenage-ness. I don’t like it.   John:  Me either.  The mood … Continue reading

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Breakfast conversations on Thursday…

Teen son 1:  WHAT  KIND OF PARENT ARE YOU?  You weren’t going to say “Hey son you’re about to be decapitated… you may not want to do that!”  Apparently I need to know everything by 15 if I want to … Continue reading

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Sticky Note #1

I did attempt to get dressed. I heard the babies laughing and paused to see what was funny… I can see where if you are 3 or younger the explosive quality of eggs is funny. I am not laughing… Seriously… Please. Stop. Continue reading

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How I Made One Million Dollars 

It is this simple. The key to success is this…. Continue reading

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